Algae Blooms

We wanted you to know we are aware of the closing at Swartswood Lake due to Cyanobacterial Harmful Algae Bloom. HABs can occur under suitable environmental conditions, light, temperature, nutrients and calm water.
Paulinskill Lake has constant moving water so we have less of a chance of HABs but it could happen. We monitor the water and watch for algae blooms. If you notice a layer bright bluish-green or white paint on the surface of the water please contact environment@paulinskilllake.com. Please note we do have algae blooms due to common green algae these are not harmful and are treated by our lake management company. We test our water weekly and monitor continually.

Starting at 7:30pm and go until we cannot limbo any lower!
Pot Luck Hors d’oeuvres and BYOB
Bring your beach blanket and chairs and get ready have fun!
There will be a bonfire—music—lots of laughter
And maybe even a game or two!

flower lie

If you have questions or concerns please go to the contact page of this website.  There you will find our phone number, PO box, a way to send an email right from our site and the email addresses for each of the Board/Trustee Members

Here are some pictures from our Senior Supper 2017

The June 2017 meeting of the PLA Board of Trustees will be on Wednesday June 21st at 7:00pm at Sussex County Community College – in Building D on the 2nd floor in room D-214. All members in good standing are welcome.