I was not aware that the newsletter we are about to send out will, by our bylaws, have to be mailed due to the annual meeting info.  I have had a great response so far for the opt out of paper newsletter requests and will put that in effect for the other 3 newsletters we send.

If you would like to only receive 1 paper  newsletter a year and read the rest online at our website  please send your request to the corresponding secretary at corsec@paulinskilllake.com  Please include your name and address.


You may have noticed our community bulletin board down by the tennis courts is in need of some help.  We were wondering if we have any Eagle Scouts or Gold Award Girl Scouts who are looking for a project?  Or perhaps a lake resident who is a craftsman? If you would be interested in serving your community please contact the Corresponding Secretary at corsec@paulinskilllake.com


The following positions are up for elections at our annual meeting on Saturday Sept 16th. Any member in good standing can run for these offices.  If you have questions about the positions or are interested please contact the Corresponding Secretary at corsec@paulinskilllake.com

We earnestly hope you will consider serving your community!

Board Members

President – 2 year term

Treasurer – 2 year term

Recording Secretary – 2 year term


Roads – 3 year term

Entertainment – 3 year term

Playground News


We are looking to do some work on our playgrounds.  As part of the vetting  process we would like to know if there are any lake residents that own a landscaping business and might be interested in the work.  If so please contact the Corresponding Secretary at corsec@paulinskilllake.com  

Note to Boaters

   During these lazy hazy days of summer, we would like to remind our boaters, for your safety and others, to please not anchor or float in the middle of the lake in the state permitted ski course or right behind the swimming floats.  You can hang on the sides of the lake, up by the dam, by beach #3 or at the far end of the lake by the bridge. Have fun – enjoy – and be careful!  Rules and regulations can be found at https://paulinskillskiandboatclub.wordpress.com/pla-boating-rules/