Your spring newsletter will be in your mailboxes in the next week – if you want to get a jump on it you can click on the link below.  Love Lake Living!!!

Spring 2017 online

Photo Contest


Would you like pride of knowing your photo was chosen to represent our lake community on our website and Facebook Page?  We would like to feature a new picture of our beautiful lake and neighborhood area each month starting in June!  We only have two rules:

1) The picture must be taken within our lake community

2) No clear faces unless we have written permission from those in the picture to post

The board will pick from all submissions for the next posting starting in June. Please submit your photos to Sara Bartlett at corsec@paulinskilllake.com

Below are links to download two boating forms.  The long form is for those who are putting a boat on our lake for the first time.  The second is a renewal form.  Any questions or concerns can go to Cindy at environment@paulinskilllake.com

PLA Long form

PLA Short Form

Community Day

Reminder – this Sunday April 23rd – is our Community Day. This is your chance to pick up your 2017 beach badges – pick up boat stickers – ask questions – and get involved. We will be at the Baseball field from noon until 2 pmcommunity-